ENSA BH Ltd. Srbac
ENSA BH Ltd. Srbac The Company was established 01.06.2007.godine whose founder was Sava dd Kranj.

The company nowadays

Ensa BH Ltd. employs 42 workers until today.
It has installed production facilities, which cover an area of 15 009 m2 and fully integrated production process, from procurement of the raw materials required for the manufacture, production and sale of finished products (pellets and briquettes).

Our company annually produces approximately 18,000 tons of finished product. Production takes place under strictly controlled conditions according to national standards for solid fuels and to ENplus regulations, all in accordance with ENplus A2 certified that our product pellet Ф 6 possesses.


The complex is located along the main road Srbac - Nova Topola.
Location is optimally selected with respect to the raw materials market, as well as the proximity of the highway, and a relatively rapid release of the international network of roads.

The company has fully solved infrastructure utilities, arranged access, mobile network, spedition, ancillary facilities, own substation, furnishings and asphalt driveway, gravel and asphalt stocks.

Distance to the significant regions

-Laktaši 22 km
-Banja Luka 45 km
-Zagreb 160 km
-Ljubljana 309 km
-Belgrade 260km
-Verona 645km
-Solun 920km
-Munich 720km
-Vienna 540km