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To enable you to come to our products, we are at your service with engaging in connection with transport companies in order to submit a pellet at the place of delivery. We will organize transport to your warehouse, free of charge details »

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Topling d.o.o. design and production of professional industrial systems based on renewable energy sources while complying with increasingly demanding environmental protection standards.

Quality control ENplus®

If you want to check the quality of the manufacturer and dealer, visit the site ENplus®
Here you can check the status of the certificate as well as the quality classes that the manufacturer and retailer have.

Quality control ZPS

If you want to see the independent laboratory test for 2023 in Slovenia, visit the page ZPS Inspection of wood pellets
Here you can see the pellet quality test, which can be purchased in 15-kilogram packages.


A1 and A2 quality wood pellets »

BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH
Certificate number: HFA-ENplus-0288
First issued on July 25, 2019
Issued July 01, 2020
Valid until July 24, 2022


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A quick and easy way of calculating the cost-effectiveness of heating with pellets.

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